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My aim with my photography to see a moment or a feeling, or maybe something as simple as a shape and capture that and show it through a non-cookie cut perspective.

I love photography. I love capturing a moment in time that would otherwise be left to fading memories and maybe create a new reaction to something we look at everyday. Through my travels to Bangladesh for my Post Grad I learnt the power a person holding a camera has, not only to capture the moment, but also change not only that moment... but many moments and dare say lives after. This new found perspective has changed more than just where I point and frame with the lens, its transformed the way I view photography and photojournalism as a culture, profession and as a instrument for change. This has been further supported by my charity work for Houses in Myanmar (Burma) for orphaned or displaced children.

I completed a Interactive Multimedia, Film and Photomedia degree which allowed me to move from analog to digital with ease and professional understanding. I took this understanding to Education teaching Photography and Media at a Secondary level. I began a Post Graduate Degree in Creative Industries: Photomedia just to add another feather to the cap, and completed my Post Graduate degree in Psychology with a focus of not just capturing peoples image, but to also have an understanding of helping people uncover their authentic self-image.

My love of travel and capturing moments through the lens has provided much joy for many years. Becoming a mother opened my eyes up even more to the beauty of life and how precious moments can be. Some beauty should never be forgotten.


My dedication to inspiring change in the world, and attitudes towards mental health are a driving force in my every day life. 

My Teaching CV can be found here, and password can be provided on request. 

Capturing the magic of the moment


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